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Alec Monopoly on the Wall. St. Cross

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“Alec Monopoly on the Wall St. Cross” is collaboration #2 with legendary pop-culture artist Mike Mozart Aka MiMo. 

In honor of Mike's first solo show (4/20/17) we've decided to turn his incredibly popular Alec Monopoly on the Wall. St cross design into an incedible Trippypin. 

We replicated Mike's incredible metal flake with glitter in the gold areas of the pin, complete with an antiqued Wall St. Journal as custom packaging, this pin captures MiMo's essence famously.

We created only 100 pieces of this awesome design, get them while you still can, an absolute collectors item!

Pin Details:

  • 1.75″ height, Soft enamel
  • Double rubber backings
  • Engraved and Numbered
  • Limited to only 100 pieces