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Serval Cat Pin

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Introducing The Serval Cat

This beautiful wildcat is native to Africa, and prefers to hunt at night. These creatures have mastered a few interesting ways of hunting including burrowing in search of underground prey, and leaping 7 to 10 ft into the air to grab birds mid-flight. They usually catch prey on an average of 50% of attempts, compared to an average of 38% for leopards and 30% for lions.

The serval is quite the mischievious creature due to it’s intelligence level. They’ve been known to easily outwit prey, and for eluding other predators. The serval often plays with its captured prey for several minutes before consuming it. In most situations, it ferociously defends its food against attempted theft by others.

Pin Details:

  • 1.25″ height
  • Black Nickel Metal
  • Single black rubber backings
  • Engraved